Who is Mark Di Somma?

He's loud, forthright, energised, open minded and, like a true heretic, the "holder of unorthodox opinions".

Meet a man who really believes business must become more creative.

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As a card-carrying member of The Audacity Group, Mark encourages business people to rethink their parameters.

In his keynotes, Mark takes on conventions and orthodoxies in that characteristic "take no prisoners" voice.

Mark's articles raise possibilities for change and rage against dumbass acceptance.

Mark gets up close and heretical in workshops and facilitated sessions that pull the wings off assumptions.

Handpicked – the wider implications of curation
The first time I really thought about the role of an astute retailer was while watching Mary Portas. Her point: any retailer can stock. Smart and profitable retailers, by contrast, handpick items that their shoppers will crave – and that is where they add value. In a great shop, she was saying, you don’t just come to buy, you come to discover things you wouldn’t normally find housed together. Fine point, well made. …
posted: 18/06/2012

Not a problem: success pivots on what you solve, not just what you know
If you’re not a fan yet of the Scattershot blog, then I’d like to suggest you should be. In a post published earlier this week, Rajant discusses the concept of “ground truth”. Ground truth, as its name suggests, is the view on the ground that verifies and informs the satellite view. It's a great way to separate a problem from a truth. …
posted: 15/06/2012

Affirmation: how to make a brand experience really count
Everybody wants to feel they got value for money. Sure – but when exactly does something feel like it was “worth it”? …
posted: 11/06/2012



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